A Company Timeline

A Company was formed

On this day in April 1937, Mr and Mrs Founders launched their new business, A Company. Little did anyone know at that time that A Company would grow into one of the world's leading busnesses.

A Company Celebrates its Tenth Anniversary

Most companies go out of business within the first two years. But ten years after it was set-up A Company is still going strong.

Quarter Century!

A Company has now been around for 25 years. It has achieved great things since it was formed.

50th Anniversary

A Company joins an exclusive club of companies that have survived half a century.

A Company celebrates 75 years in Business in 2012

A Company reaches a major milestone and decides to mark this major event by using ChronoFlo to create a timeline of its history.

Images and Photos

If A Company was not a fictional entity, it might have some photos from this period. It could add these to its timeline.

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People love videos on the web. Just look at the phenomenal success of video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

Customization Options

ChronoFlo comes with a huge range of customisation options, allowing you to easily create a unique looking timeline that complements your company's branding.

Search and Filtering

ChronoFlo makes it dead easy for people to navigate and search your timeline through our fun controls.

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